May 05, 2010

Storm Watchers

Our first spring storm came rolling in yesterday in the afternoon. It was pretty cool. Before the rain and HAIL came the kids were able to see the lightning in the distance. I was thinking I was about to watch the fools in the field operating the High Ho get hit by lightning.
I love how just as the rain and hail began to fall ALL the birds flew for cover, my chickens included. I love how they may not be brilliant creatures by our standards but there they were all huddled in their coop as the leaves hail and branches hit their coop.
I also love how everyone waved to me from the sun porch as I ran outside to retrieve flying furniture.
I love how the rain and clouds lasted only an hour, the sun returned and the animals went about their business as if nothing happened. Life if cool like that.


Bonnie said...

I'd trade you weather. In Sask we had ourselves a nice little blizzard yesterday.

The Kerr Family said...

Cool sky pics! Just read 'On The Home Front' and my inital thought was "take small bites and you'll get through it". Don't be afraid to tell someone that, despite initially saying yes, you can't do something right now. People understand and wouldn't want you feeling overwhelmed by something they asked of you.

nicole mccann said...

love the pic

B said...

That's cool. I love clouds. You can tell your kids they've seen a Cumulonimbus Mammatus.