May 03, 2010

Balancing My Life keeps me Balanced

I get burnt out. I get tired. I get to the point that on the weekends I just want to do NOTHING.
I think that is normal and o.k.
I mean, If some people had to work Monday to Friday 5am-7pm, and be on call nights and weekends with NO DAY OFF they might complain a little.
I love my children and I love my life but of course I need a break.

I have my running and my friends, date night with my husband and some ME time. I think all of that is SO IMPORTANT to fit into my crazy week.

Last week (my week in pictures), I did not get much of that. In fact I think I had a child hanging off of me at one point or another the entire week. Not that I'm complaining, but by Saturday I needed a break.

So Saturday I left for Ottawa for a few hours to meet one of my best friends for a coffee and a peruse through IKEA. It was so great to see her. Reminded me of all the years we spent just hanging out...and oh was it ever nice to just hang without anyone hanging OFF of me.
I love that my husband also knew I needed the space and did not have any problem putting his plans on hold for me.

On Sunday I ran a 10km race. I did not come even close to winning but could not care less. I run for me and because it is MY thing and once again my husband put himself on hold for ME and I love him for that.

I find it so important to have balance and rhythm in my life. I like that I can take a day off on Sunday, read a book, take a nap and run knowing that Monday I will do 'chores' and get the house back in order.

After all...God rested on the seventh day. I think I can do that too.

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Anita said...

Glad you had a couple of much deserved 'me' days! :)