March 06, 2010

A really long post because I have not done one in a while and feel like rambling.

First of all, I cannot believe I have not posted in a week! I seriously thought I posted about the TVO filming like...yesterday. Well maybe not yesterday, but definitely not a week ago. Anyway. I digress...

I have a great week filled with a ton of fun things. Some I captured on camera and some I didn't (obviously)

I could be really smart and use this down time to post several witty things over the next few days but I'll be honest. I'm not feeling so witty lately and can't be bothered to say ALL the FABULOUS things that really are going through my mind, and that I really do want to tell you. But I don't wanna so you are going to get a mixture of things and wait another week for a post. K?

Let's see.....

We tapped our trees for syrup again this year and it is flowing like CRAZY! I'll get some shots of it later. We are trying to boil down our first batch (a very very slow process). We have some Missionaries from the Ukraine staying with us (more on them later as well) and they are EXPERT syrup makers and are giving us some pointers. (they are the Ukraine does not have maple trees)

We also had our second emergency room trip for our little boy. This one involved a raisin stuck up his nose. How did we get it out you ask? It is hard to describe, but it involved my husband blowing air INTO his mouth while the Dr. pinched off the other nostril. It was kinda cool. My husband thought so too after he wiped the raisin and boogers off his cheek.

It was a Friday and the sun came out. So what better than to get together with our girlfriends to dig out rocks and paint them. I can't begin to tell you how dirty my kitchen was. It was GREAT. No really...It did not bother me at all. The girls had a blast and it was so nice to have GIRLS over to our house! There does not seem to be a lot girls my kids ages that homeschool, so when we found Ava,Katrina and Heidi and realized how WELL they get along with my girls well let's just say that they don't have a choice but to be our friends ;)
Apparently 8 girls in a house (yes I included Audrey) makes for lots of shoes and nowhere to put them. I can only imagine what my house will look like with me and the 3 girls when we are older...Oh the shoes!!!! The fabulous shoes.

I also ventured to paint the heirloom corner cabinet in the dinning room. I HATED the colour and just could not take it anymore. My mom is CRINGING at the site of me painting it but I LOVE it. Besides...we are not going to sell it and I have to live with it. So there. Besides..This is Anita in the picture. Blame her. She encouraged me ;)

This is the finished product. You can't really tell here but I sanded the edges to make it look old. Funny since it really is old. OH and my house really isn't as crooked as it seems in this picture. Am I the only one who notices the weird angle??

I ordered this AMAZING book from Amazon. It has incredibly simple recipes for your baby and toddler. and EASY recipes. Did I say they are simple and EASY? Oh I did. That is because they are fabulously easy...and simple.

I love how the cover states "easy recipes for NATURAL food " Kind of sad how this day in age it has to state that the food is 'natural'. Shouldn't ALL food be 'natural'??? If Granny wouldn't have recognized it as food than perhaps we should all think twice no? Of course my grannies probably ate liver... blech. I wouldn't exactly call that food. Natural yes...Food no. I'm rambling now aren't I?

This is the inside of the book The pictures are great, the explanations good and clear and the information about the when and why of the food great. Have I mentioned it is EASY?

This is my first batch of pureed veggies for Audrey. The four on the RIGHT of the tray is the non strained veggies with the help y'a poop fibre in it. I'll save that for Peyton's spaghetti sauce.

This will last me a week in the freezer. and all I have to do is pop out a cube or two and heat it up. have I mentioned it is also CHEAP??? and EASY??

Random picture of my muffins. Chocolaty goodness that graces my counters twice a week. Easy to make and CHEAP! I'm noticing a theme here.

A recent picture of my four babies. Again Audrey with the 'Get me the heck out of here face' and Peyton with the 'I just stuck a raisin up my nose face'. LOVE those faces.

O.K that's it. If you read this entire post than you have as much spare time as I do right now. Thanks for spending it with me.


Anonymous said...

Love it. Thanks for the update. Awesome about the booger-coated-raisin extraction. Yum. :)
K said...

Love that hutch..looks great painted.

Loved that book-I had it for Mahone. So easy and saved a ton on baby food..

Nancy said...

Great blog! Thank you!

I like the cupboard.