February 27, 2010

Meet My Pet Filming

My kids are going to be on TV sometime in April. The film crew from TVOntario (TVOkids) Came today to film them for a one minute 'Meet my Pet' segment. They filmed them holding our chicken named Red who was not too happy to be off her eggs but whatever....it made for good t.v.

Lara was super shy and Erin kept hurting the sound guys ears with her excited shrieking. Man that kid is a 'middle child'. She is sooooo funny. The sound guys was KILLING himself trying not to laugh when she was explaining how many eggs a chicken lays in a day. (let's just say that segment will NOT be on t.v )

The only part that was crappy LITERALLY, was the amount of well.....crap everywhere. I felt so bad for the really pretty and well dressed produced Sarah. She was a great sport about it. Thanks Sarah! The weather has been extremely mild during the day and snowing at night so most of the yard is a sloppy mess. I'm glad I warned them ahead of time. I was really embarrassed at the state of things, but thanks for my WONDERFUL HUSBAND who did his best to lay down fresh shavings it was manageable.

This is Sarah. Isn't she gorgeous? A little annoying ;)
I'll let you know when I know when it will be on...you know?


The Kerr Family said...

So fun! Can't wait to see the girls on t.v.!

desperatelyseekingsuzin said...

That is so so much fun.. How awesome for the kids-celebrities!!

momofthecrazies said...

That's so great that the kids will be on TV! I only wish we still got TVO!!