January 21, 2010


This week has been a tough week. It ALWAYS seems to be tough when the sun does not shine. In general I am 1000% better this month than I was during baby Audrey's first 3 months but man do I ever need that sun!
That is one of the main reasons we had our fabulous sunporch built. Feeling the sun on my face is the BEST therapy for me.

Now that the sun is out and I feel better I can say that this week has been a great week. Typical but great. It was filled with theatre class, homeschooling, chores, Visits with good friends, YMCA runs, Soccer, Art lessons Dance, food and laughter. A little sleep deprivation included from a baby who does not like to poop but whatever. Nothing a little extra coffee can't fix.

Here are some pictures from my 'perfect' day.

'Learning the Hard Way'

One of the reasons I LOVE living in the Country ;)

I could watch him haul wood all day

Based On Blog name Finalist 'Sunny Side Up'

He is soooooo lucky he is this cute

It's a Jungle out There
It's a Dog eat Dog world??
My Eldest...The Serious Artist
Erin in a rare moment of quiet


Anonymous said...

Syd has that same red MEC toaster suit. They look like little puffalumps in it. I love it.
Sunny side up- I like it!!!

Nancy said...

Wonderful pics!

Love the one of you lying in the snow in the sun. Ah-h-h-h - I know what you mean, needing the sun on your face. . .