January 18, 2010

Blog Name Finalists


Sunny Side Up
Country Mouse
Home to Roost
100% Organic

I'm also going to attempt to change my background/header and include my Proud to be a Fit Mom Blog in there.

Feel free to vote on the above names or let me know of any others you can think of that are 'me'.


Some kind of Wondermom said...

I like Home to Roost!

happygeek said...

Sunny Side Up

Anonymous said...

Home to Roost since it is a part of what I suggested :)


The Kerr Family said...

I love Home to Roost b/c it incorporates the chickens but also implies that you're a SAHM who is raising her babies and making your house in the country a home.

Anonymous said...

Country Christian and her peeps

Christina B said...

Hi, I thought I'd take this chance to de-lurk myself, and give my 2 cents:) I came to your blog thru MurrayvilleMom.
So...here are my suggestions:
1~(My/The Old) Country Homestead (Muma)
2~(My/The Old) Country Schoolhouse
2a~ " " " " Homestead Schoolhouse
3~(My Old) Country Fitness (Muma)
3a~" " " Homestead Fitess " "
The words in brackets could obviously be eliminated.
Good luck with making the change:)

Dad said...

Got news for ya. Your not 100% organic. Your full of chemicals and you have been modified. lol

Butterfly Kisses said...

I like sunny side up! :D