January 15, 2010

Random Photos Random Thoughts

Yup I'm a country boy....Can you tell? You may have to look hard but I think you'll understand why. Look close. Real close.

I just LOVE watching my 3 girls hang out together. I think ONE of the JOYS of having so many children is being able to sit back and watch them interact.

Audrey Baby is now 16 weeks old. Her hair has a tinge of orange in it which makes me laugh. If it does turn out orange I'll have to call my girls the Calico girls. Brown,Blonde and Orange!!

Oh oH!!! Her middle name IS Anne after Anne of Green Gables...Wouldn't it be neat if she had red hair??? It is definitely possible. My husbands background is Scottish, and when he grows his beard out he has all 3 colours in it. He's my Calico man.

That's it for today. I'm busy homeschooling the kids, running at the YMCA whenever I get a chance and enjoying my life. So far this New Year New Attitude has been working out well. I have had SERIOUS postpartum blues these past few months. Someday I may blog about it, but right now I'm just happy the cloud has lifted and I'm feeling myself again.

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Carey said...

Your kids are beautiful.
Im happy to hear you are not feeling blue today. I pray the cloud stays lifted for you.