January 26, 2010

My Life...Sunny Side Up

I think that is the new title to my blog. My life...Sunny Side Up. It just makes sense to me and for me right now. Especially with my FOCUS being on JOY.

The pictures below were taken Sunday when the sun was shinning and life was great. Today It is grey and raining but I could not care less. Life is too short and when the sky is grey I just need to remember that it will look like this soon enough. The weather has seriously become a metaphor for me in 2010.

I like it when my camera captures what I am experiencing. The only thing it missed are the flames from the fire in the sunporch (thanks Grandma H)


Carey said...

Love the new name..Sunny side up.
Hope you having a great day!

AnnG said...

Love the name!! and love the adorable baby and your happy face!!