January 25, 2010

Channeling HouseWives of Times Past

We had company for dinner this weekend and I found myself quite nostalgic. You see, when Adam and I were first married I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to cook, how to be a hostess and we lacked all the nice table things like napkins and nice cutlery. Adam ate MANY a burnt meal, and I VOWED that when we were married 10 years I would be able to cook a roast with all the fixings, and we would have all that fancy stuff you get at 'Grandmas'.
It makes me laugh to remember the first dinner party we had in our home, and I chuckle to think of how NERVOUS I was to have our first family guests over (Nancy and Peter ). I TRIED WAY too hard. Now? Good memories..funny ones too.
Now? It comes so EASILY and I LOVE IT!!!
WELL....Saturday I realized how far I have come and I couldn't help but laugh. Over the years we have accumulated old family cutlery,glasses and special platters. We have enough family heirlooms so that every time we sit down at our table to feel the wives of past are with me ;)
I can now set a table, cook a meal, and it comes so easily to me that I hardly think about it. In fact, having people over to OUR HOME is enjoyable.
I also love the fact that We cooked a FRESH Prime Rib Roast from OUR FARM. Not only were we eating with Utensils from old times, we at Beef grown ourselves the way Adam's relatives did in this very house in 1870. Alright I'll just say it...I had an Anne of Green Gables moment.
Sorry Anita,Kirsten and Nancy.....but I took a picture of the BEST beef I've EVER had.

And I....Army Medic,city girl without a clue Alyson cooked it to perfection. Anne would be proud.


Anita said...

nice roast ~ IF you eat that kinda meat! ;) Looks like a wonderful meal was had by all ;)

Erin said...

i'm salivating

Dad said...

It looks a little rare.

Nancy said...

Hey! We loved that meal!!

The roast looks great, as roasts go. . . ;)

AnnG said...

You have obviously come a long way!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your husbands ancestors.