January 02, 2010

Good Start to the New Year

Yesterday was a perfect example of embracing life and 'not complaining about the weather'. It was mild but quite dark and a little wet. BUT we headed out for some sledding with the cousins and had a great time. Forts were built and hot chocolate was drank.

Perfect example of embracing the good and ignoring the bad. Not sweating the small stuff and having a little fun.

Here are some pictures. Only country people would rig up an old car hood and take the kids for a ride on the snow mobile :)

Sledding on the farm is always fun.

The girls are trying to convince Peyton to get off the car hood so they can have a turn.


Anita said...

haha! Great minds think alike - looks like my post!

steve said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!
we used a 4-wheeler to pull us on your skis and snowboard but a car hood works too. ingenious!

Nancy said...