December 27, 2009

Some Holiday Pictures for You

We are pretty busy around here enjoying our lives together. I'm kind of tired these days however and find it draining to even think of something to write about lately.
So...Here are some of my favorite things from this past week. Some of MANY wonderful moments.

Peyton's reaction to receiving new Thomas Trains.

Lara doing a million crafts including making her own wrapping paper

Seeing the presents the kids picked out just for us ALL by themselves...hahahahaha

Christmas Eve pj's, hot chocolate, appetizers, candlelight and stories

Cute smiley babies dressed in sparkly Christmas pants

There were many more moments and a ton of memories made but I think I'll keep those for myself ;) Have a great New Year. Perhaps I'll see you then. Until then however I'll continue just hanging out with my family.


Andrea said...

awww what a nice smiley baby :)
looks like a wonderful christmas :)

Nancy said...

Adorable pictures! Thank you! Happy New Year to all, with love. . .

Erin said...

:) smiley babies = a lapse in memory of all the sleepless nights