October 06, 2009

Sunny Optimism

The sun is out today and I'm optimistic. Thanks for the advice. I know these times are fleeting and I need to enjoy the kids now while they are still little. It is not the holding of the babies and the wiping of noses I'm frustrated with. It is the magnitude of the load I have to carry every day. The size of the house I need to keep clean and the multitude of other things I MUST do on a daily basis that seems to prevent my enjoyment of life.

I know I know, I'm hormonal and still recovering from having a baby so I have less energy than usual. I know all that, but it does not make it easier to clean my house and BEGIN to organize the babies room. And leaving all chores for a day?? ba ha ha ha...not a good idea if you know me. I can't handle chaos. In fact it would make things MUCH worse.

Nope. Instead I just needed to clean ONE room to feel better, pray, watch my mom vacuum my house (thanks mom), and as SOON as the sun comes out go outside....Oh and NOT try on my pre maternity pants.

Oh, and some of you MUST have been praying for me too because the rest of my day yesterday went MUCH better than the morning. So thanks for that.


Anonymous said...

lol.. ok so if leaving chores for a day would make things worse, probably not a good idea :) But it looks like you got the main idea :) Glad things are looking better and that the sun is shining!!

Nancy said...


Hugs to everybody

Erin said...

yes trying on pre-maternity pants is definitely not a good idea. :)