October 26, 2009

Snapshots of our Day

This is what our children do for fun around here.

That is our lonely meat chicken. She was a runt when we sent the other 99 chickens off to be processed. We kept her because 1) She would have been too small to 'process', and 2) Adam felt sorry for her.

So. She roams along side the egg layers. By the looks of things she is doing quite nicely. Adam thinks we should eat her for Christmas. I'm not sure about that. If she lays us an egg she may be able to save herself ;)

This is Audrey 5 weeks today. She is smiling for her Daddy...not me. She just yells at me like the rest of them.

This picture makes me want to go lay down in the sun porch and nap with her. In fact I think I just may do that. Have a nice afternoon.


Erin said...

:) awww....what a sweety.

Nancy said...

Aww-w-w - she is such a sweet little muffinkins. I love the Halloween outfit (and the other one too!)

AnnG said...

She is ADORABLE!! and I totally get the "smiling at her daddy" thing. My boys always smiled at their daddy first, too. What's up with that??!!