September 07, 2009

A sucker for cuddly Feety Pyjamas

As much as I HATE being woken up in the morning, there is something so amazing about watching the sunrise. It is so quiet and peaceful this morning. I would say that I'm sitting here in silence wrapped up in a quilted blanket, drinking my coffee and watching the sky turn pink on the horizon but I would be lying. Oh y'a, I can't see the sunrise from the sunporch anyway (it faces south west)

Instead I'm sitting here at my computer drinking my coffee watching the sunrise from the living room with the sound of cartoons and a 2 year old playing blocks in his fuzzy feety pyjamas.

We moved him to a big boy bed the other day. Not sure if that was a good idea. He does not quite get the concept of ' If it is still dark outside it is NOT time to get up'. He also does not understand when mommy and Daddy say no to cereal at 5am. Oh well. Funny enough he is so darn cute that once I'm up I don't seem to care as much about the time. I may change my mind after I've been up all night with the new baby but whatever. They are only 2 and in cuddly pyjamas for so long. I'll take this time with my baby son before the new baby is here making him look like a GIANT.

In fact, I think I'll get off the computer right now and go snuggle on the sofa under a warm quilt and smell the last of his cuddly baby smell.

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