September 16, 2009

Homeschooling in our house

Although we are still anticipating the arrival of this baby life still goes on around here. 2 year olds keep pooping on carpets, dinners are being made, the house is being cleaned, doctors appointments are being created, walks down the road in the beautiful fall air and homeschooling.

So to think about something OTHER than the arrival of the baby, here are a few pictures of our day.

Little carpet pooping Buddy digging holes in the dirt. He is lucky he is cute. Poop stinks AND stains.

Cuddle time with blankets, soothers and books. Yes I know he is too old for a soother. You take it away from him. I dare you. Frankly I can't be bothered.

Piano practicing is going on...

Oh yes I did. I'll do anything to quiet 3 rambunctious 'precious' little souls before dinner. Even if it does involve circle time.

Two proud kids after working together to build a small town. They had to decide what needs to go into it, plan it and build it. Today they were learning about community and working together. Who says homeschooling has to be all book work.

What did I do today? I got up, drank coffee and did devotions with the girls (they made their own breakfast), made zucchini muffins, drank coffee, cleaned poop out of a carpet, did ANOTHER load of laundry, made lunch, talked to the girls about community, took pictures, checked my e-mail, and build a castle out of old cartons. Tomorrow we are going to paper mache it. What can I say, I was feeling creative.

So that is it for now. Just a LITTLE peek into our day and the kinds of things involved in homeschooling. If you're curious, right now the little one is napping, the seven year old is reading a chapter book in her bed, and the 4 year old is looking at picture books quietly in another room.
This afternoon we will collect eggs and play outside in the beautiful weather. Tonight the girls have clubhouse at our church for an hour.
Hopefully next post will be about baby...Don't count on it though.


Nancy said...

Such sweet pictures of your little angels.

Once again I am boggled by all you do - I'm not sure what I did today (except study, and that wasn't for very long)- oh right - drove 20 min. to do an errand - realized I had forgotten an important paper so had to go home and get it - did the errand - then on the way home paid a visit to Starbucks and browsed books and music for at least an hour. . .tsk tsk. . .

Anonymous said...

very good post... love the pictures..

I wouldn't dare take Mahone's soother!!!-not for nothing!!!I actually have strong opinions on that-I know strange that I would have a strong opinion!!HA.. I believe that some children require comfort objects, whether soothers, blankets, etc. and when they are really really ready to not need that comfort, then they are able to release it without much difficulty with gentle guidance.. I think too often parents take away the soother, blanket, teddy because they think it is socially unacceptable for the child to have it at a certain age and are self-conscious when out in public with their children-oh so many things parents do and so many anxious feelings because we are afraid our children are a reflection of us!!!

PErhaps I am so passionate because I still suck my thumb...who knows!!!!Try telling me to stop-I dare you!!!!

momofthecrazies said...

Seriously, how do you have the energy? You're amazing!

AnnG said...

Several days this week our homeschooling days consisted on playing at the park with friends (socialization and PE) and building legos (science and math)! Nothing says homeschooling like having fun!!