September 01, 2009

First Day of Homeschool

Everyday is a homeschool day around here because frankly everyday we are growing and learning something.

Today however we started the fall routine which includes daily devotions and sit down 'school work'.

It was a perfect day.

It helped A LOT that Adam was home and pretty much occupied the 2 year old. Hmmm. Not sure how I'll manage in February when he is back to work (after paternity leave), but I'm sure all will fall into place. After all, I DID homeschool Lara when Erin was 2 as well. It may just be a little busier with 4 to juggle..Just a little ;)

Here are some pictures from our perfect day....

This is us enjoying the sunshine and checking out the caterpillars cocooning on the lilacs. How is THAT for homeschooling!

Erin's first day of Homeschool SK. We are trying 'Teach your child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons'. I did not use it for Lara but think it will be perfect for this little one.

Lara and her first Day of Homeschool Grade 2 lessons. It went a little slower than I expected today but the goal was accomplished by the afternoon and she has been outside playing now with her siblings for 2 hours in the sun. That is what I love about Homeschooling. Flexible schedules and lots of time for fun and exploration. So what if somethings don't go as planned or take longer than expected. As long as by the end of the YEAR we are caught up who cares.

This is Peyton and his first day of Daddy Pre-Preschool....He learned how to follow Daddy around with tools and 'help' as he cut a giant hole in our wall. Again, more on that another day.

OH, he also learned the difference between peeing and pooping outside on the grass....twice.
This is what happens when you cut a huge hole into the side of your house. Everyone needs a chance to stick their heads in to say hello. Again, more on that another day.

Now I am off to bath some very dirty but happy kids, and then soak for a while myself.


Carey said...

Hope you have a great day.
Never saw caterpillars like that..what are they?

Nancy said...

great pics!

Nancy said...

Love your coffee ad!