August 29, 2009

My Sunporch...Again

I doubt anyone is as interested in my Sunporch as I am but that is just too bad because I LOVE IT!! I'm still in the process of working out the details, making it function for the purposes I want it to, and BEST OF ALL...Enjoying it!!!

I've just had two official 'visiting' days where I got to test out its function. Yesterday involved a small child, and today involved 5 people, a tray load of snacks and the first people to test out my new chairs.

The porch was a perfect addition to this house. The children had created a large fort in the living room so there would not have been anywhere to sit and chat. Voila!! the Sunporch. We were able to chat, drink, be merry, all the while removing ourselves from screaming children yet still keeping an eye and ear out for them.

Here is what it looks like today with the new chairs and Ottoman.

The only change I would like to make for now ;) is to sew a dark beige/brown corduroy cover for the daybed. This way it won't look as 'bed-like' and I won't have to keep pulling the covers tight. I think the dark beige/brown colour will also balance well with the other side.

Opinions please..What do you think? What would you do different? If it were YOUR sunporch what would YOU DO TO IT???


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new chairs. WANT WANT WANT them. :)
I am mentally transporting myself to your sunporch. :)
Love you and your big huge belly. Can't wait for your news.

Dad said...

I would have a big lazy boy chair and a TV so I could watch football in the breeze and watch trains and the world go by.


Marie said...

LOVE your sunporch, sigh.

And I'm so glad you are enjoying it after all the waiting! I would hesitate to go too dark with a cover for the daybed, it's just such a light and airy feel in the room that such a big piece of dark material mght ground it too much, no? A medium brown maybe, with a lighter color in the design? I would avoid a solid, just because they show EVERYTHING!!

My favorite part is the little wiry table, too pretty!

Nancy said...

It's beautiful. For a cover for the daybed, I agree that dark brown would prob. be too dark. I'd pick up a lighter shade of brown from the chairs. . . .

momofthecrazies said...

You really don't want my decorating opinions :) It looks beautiful and I'm glad you're getting a chance to enjoy it!