August 02, 2009

Pool Time Fun

As much as I do like the country...I LOVE having a pool to swim in. I wish we had our own so we could host some great summer get together, for midnight dips, or for diving in after a workout, BUT for now I'm content to drive the 5 minutes to my moms to cool off every afternoon.

This year Lara is swimming completely on her own and jumping in. Erin is getting less intimidated about putting her head under and feels safe with floaties. Peyton! Well, my little Peyton is walking in with floaties and kicks his way back to the steps! I'm glad to have at least one child that is not starting life petrified of the water. That will make it easier next year when I will have the new baby to hold onto. I'm glad the other three will be somewhat independent.

Just imagine..Someday I'll even be able to float on my own and not have to blink an eye. Relaxing, but at the same time kind of a boring thought.

Oh...Want to see me in my 'glory'??? You have to check out my pregnancy blog for THAT picture.

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Nancy said...

cute cute cute pics! Aww-w-w-w. . . . .