August 05, 2009

Finally Able to Enjoy our Summer

Had a wonderful morning with my husband today. We managed to see the Midwife, visit the hospital, do a little country antique shopping and go for lunch. Alone. Sans kiddies.

It was a great way to end his couple of days off. Sometimes we feel as though his 'days off' are not really days off at all. This time was his long change which is when he goes from days to nights and so we get an extra half a day with him.

I guess I feel great because in those few days we got to:

Get ALOT of stuff crossed off the 'Honey do house list',
Have a Family picnic at the park,
Swim as a Family at my mom's pool,
Relax and do nothing for a bit,
Help his Dad on the farm,
Get most of the prep done for the baby AND homeschooling,
and spend a morning together.

Sometimes life just goes too fast and we feel as though there is just not one hour to sit and breathe. Other times he has 2.5 days off and it feels like a week. We are so grateful for these days. For the days when we work well together as a team and get to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor.

And the best part? I now only have to get through 2 days of nights, and then I get him for 3 Days straight again.

Yay for life this week!!!!

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