June 25, 2009

Some like it Hot...Not this pregnant Lady

O.K. today was SUPER HOT!!!! 32C ish, humid and NO WIND!! blah!!!!

I thank the Blessed Lord for the 100 year old maple trees that shade our yard in the morning and the clouds that THANKFULLY came right at the time when my kitchen porch thermometer read 42C!!!!
This old house is great for keeping the heat out for about 2 days. On day 3 however it becomes an inferno. I think it acts like a brick oven. At least the porch outside my kitchen does. It is shaped like an L and the afternoon sun beats down on it from 330pm-7pm. The air gets trapped in the corner and SERIOUSLY heats up 10C OVER whatever temperature it is outside.

So if you come knocking on my door don't be surprised when I fling open the door, grab you by the arm and DRAG you inside and Shut the door behind you. I'm not crazy just trying to avoid actually baking the baby inside my belly. O.k maybe I am a little crazy but I'm sure you have all figured that out by now.

Can you tell my husband is in the Ukraine and Lara is in Vancouver and my two other babies are in bed?? I have nobody to talk to right now but don't have anything to say really. So comment today...I'm lonely.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you're not closer...you guys could come by for mint juleps on our porch. :)
Come to think of it, you totally could come by...??? If you're up for the drive, I've got the a/c, baby.
I have an errand tomorrow, but will be back for...11ish?

happygeek said...

Lonely is no fun.
As long as you don't start talking to the walls, you'll be OK. Talking to the chickens is fine though.
I'd send you our weather if I could. Or you could just move out west:).