June 24, 2009

Bah....It's Just a Flesh Wound

That's my boy. " It's just a Flesh Wound."
I'm reminded of a Monty Python Skit from the Holy Grail movie...if you have seen it you are laughing. If you haven't you are missing out.

I digress....

This head injury is another example of the difference from when I had my first child to my now third.
When Lara (first) was around the same age she hit her chin on the bathroom sink and bit right through her tongue!!! There was a lot of blood and I FREAKED out!!! The funny part was that I was FRESH off my Paramedic course but just FROZE when it came to my own child. I grabbed her draping a towel over my shoulder so as not to get any (God forbid) blood on my shirt and ran over to my neighbors crying and asked if a kid could get stitches in her tongue. After laughing at me they told me to give her a freezie to stop the bleeding and that in a day she would be just fine...They were right.

Yesterday Peyton fell and cut his head on a rock. I picked him up and brought him in the house not giving two craps that he was POOLING blood down the back of my shirt (cause really..it is just a shirt), grabbed the icepack and fresh gauze and pressed it on his forehead. I then proceeded to quickly clean it with peroxide, grab the Steri-Strips (sticky thing to keep a wound closed) to close the gash, and gauze up his head.

Hospital? Stitches? Who can be bothered to sit in an emergency for four hours to be told by the Dr. that 4 hours is too long to wait for stitches. Besides....I stopped the bleeding, and kept it clean.
Actually I think as soon as I found out I was having a boy I bought truckloads of gauze,tape, and Steri-Strips. Although now I think I'm leaning more towards that new skin glue stuff.

Whatever. Not the point.

Point is my evolution in motherhood. I think I earned my badge back today ;) Besides....It was Just a Flesh Wound.


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

yes you did. And I have never seen that movie, but somehow that same phrase has made it into my lexicon!

Anonymous said...

I think the tempermant of the child makes a difference as well to our reaction. Only having boys-who tend to be more injury prone and care less that they are actually hurt or bleeding-has helped me not to get too freaked out with injuries. Both Seamus and Mahone-especially Mahone-has had so many "bite through tongue-like" episodes-always bleeding from somewhere, always covered in bruises and never seeming to be impacted by any of it. This Sunday was the first time since we had children that I actually sought medical attention due to injury. I think when the scalp skin across the entire back of the neck is flapping-whether baby cries or not-we get that fixed!!! In and out in 1 hour made it all the better as well..if you have to wait for hours, then you know it can be fixed at home...

It is always fun to look back on our reactions to our first children in comparison to now-to give us a really good perspective in many ways. There are things I hve let go and there are things that I am stricter about-interesting for sure!

momofthecrazies said...

How is it that little boys are so rough and tough but once they become men and get a cold they're such whiners? Or is that just my house? Hypothetically speaking, of course :)