June 20, 2009

Meat Chicken Update

Oh MY!! The Chickens are just eating and eating and EATING!!
and Pooping.
Reminds me of Human babies. They eat all the time and poop lot's...

Anyway this afternoon I came home to check on my 100 'babies', and found two smooshed underneath the food trays and the fence surrounding them (in the coop) all knocked down.
Poor things.

I sure hope it was not ME who put the feed down this morning amongst the swarm of hungry girls and crushed them!!! I just won't think about that.

Anyway, they are growing SO fast that their little circle is WAY too small for them now. BUT I can't find anything else to use as a wall to make it a little bigger. To help them roam a tiny bit more I opened the ring a little and will have to let them go into the bigger part of the coop. Oh I DO HOPE THEY MAKE IT BACK TO THE INNER RING....

I'm like a Mother Hen.....Worry Worry Worry.

This is a picture of what I'm talking about.

Here are the Chicks the day we got them.

This is INSIDE the bigger chicken coop. The Chicks need to stay SUPER warm, so we create a tiny pen for them using some plastic. They have their feed and water in there as well as HEAT LAMPS over top. A home made incubator kind of thingy....

Here they are ONLY 10 days later, drinking A LOT more water, eating A LOT more every day, and their circle had to be expanded. of course I could not expand it any more so I am trying to open it up and see what happens.

The Shavings bag at the bottom of the picture is to stop the little things from running out when I open the door. The plastic is part of the soon to be finished winterizing of this big coop. Check out the water container!!! It is HUGE!! I got sick of refilling the other one 5 times a day. An investment I'm glad I made.

Soon the heat lamps will be raised, the circle completely taken away and they will be big enough to stay in the entire coop.


If I don't smoosh any more of them.


Oh...and no jokes about my Green Party sign being pooped on by Chickens :) Go Green Party ;)

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