May 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home Today

Travelled around NYC yesterday.
Sooooo busy and loud.

I miss the quiet of the farm, and its simplicity.

I miss not having all the opulent shops to make me think I need this, and need that.

I miss my favorite bargain store with really cool finds. Seriously. If I have 100.00 to spend on a tiny pillow..then I'm making too much money, and not using it for the right things.

I even miss my stupid cow Robert.

I MAY even miss the fact that I have to truck my kids to soccer tonight for 2 hrs.....well no. But I do miss my babies....not soccer.

Home sweet home today.

Not sure if my computer will be working yet.


Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alot for walking me to death in NYC. I will not be seen in my gym for a month. You are a great curry cook and your eggs are out of this world. Come back soon.