March 20, 2009

Spring Chicks?? We'll see!!

One of my ugly black hens has been sitting on some eggs when I have come to collect two days in a row. She is the same one that tried to make babies in the winter, but I stole her eggs every day. The chicks would not have survived the winter.

So.... here we are again, and the weather is definitely springy.

The eggs are all brown (so not hers), and they MAY not be fertilized, so I left 6 under her to see if at least one of them hatches. She needs to sit on her eggs for 30 days and then voila! Easter Chicks.

BUT....I don't want her in with the rest of the hens in case another hen decided to lay another egg in the nest. Then I won't know which is the incubated one, and may end up with 20 misc. eggs underneath her. Know what I mean?? Also, I want her to be able to focus on sitting on the eggs and not worry about the other chickens.

Here she is in the large nest.

This is the tiny blue coop that is not used in the winter. (way too cold). It has a small door on the other side of the coop that I can shut (so she is protected). It also has a hatch at the back that I can lift up to check on her. Also...when and if the chicks are born, I can keep them separated from the rest of the crazy flock.

This is the inside of the blue coop. It is quite cozy. I put some water and feed in it just for her, and transferred both her and the eggs over.

She is actually a little upset with me for moving her. I will leave her alone for a couple of days and if she is still upset perhaps I'll move her back to the large coop and try again another time.


momofthecrazies said...

With all the stuff going on around your place (tapping trees, possible chicks on the way) you have lots of teachable moments for the kids!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Wow- that is awesome! I need a little blue coop myself sometimes.