December 27, 2008

Holiday Bliss

I've been enjoying myself.

I have been able to just relax and be with my family this Christmas.

I am avoiding 'work' at all costs.

I am wondering how long before the pile of paper and packaging in my kitchen will start to make me panic.

I wonder how long before I feel the need to clean the bathrooms and do the laundry.

So far I am just chillin'....and it is nice.

The only reason I'm writing this post right now is because my back muscles are KILLING me from playing our new Wii. Seriously...I'm hurtin'.

The kids are busy playing with their new toys. Peyton with his tractors and noisy things, Erin with a bunch of new animals, and Lara with her new learning computer.

We were spoiled this year. The kids for the fantastic toys, and Adam and I for being left alone for hours at a time while they play...o.k so maybe while we play the Wii.

Anyhoo.....I may be back into writing posts later on. But for now this blog is the last thing on my mind.


Carey said...

Enjoy this time..the laundry and all the cleaning will always be there, whether you do it now or later...Im doing the same thing today.
I was surprised after the first time i used the Wii...did you get the wii fit..the hoola hoop will get ya good.

Nancy said...


See you soon. . .

momofthecrazies said...

Our Christmas gift to each other was a Wii. We bought it a couple months ago, but we love it. I'm glad that I'm not the only one with sore muscles after playing it though!