August 01, 2008

In My Happy Place

Well...the city closest to us (10min drive from our house) has expanded enough that we now have a ST*RB$CKS. Not that we needed it. I mean seriously. In this small city of around
100 000 people, we have 5 Tim Horton's and 3 specialty coffee Shops. Most with Drive Thru's and ALL ALWAYS BUSY.

Is there really room for such an expensive coffee chain?

Apparently there is. Apparently ST*rB$cks is just what this city needed. A place to see and be seen. A place for anybody with money and for those who want to appear wealthy and together... to show off their stuff.

Oh what did this city do without a place like this for so long? How did we function? Were all these well dressed richy riches hiding at home saving their 10$ a day coffee money sucking their thumbs? Maybe they were just spending it at the Yacht club waiting for the day they could come out and show the rest of us they exist.

I am so happy for them. Now they can come out of the shadows and remind the lower class Tim Horton's Dwellers what the 'other side' looks like.

I'm laughing because the only reason I know this is because of course I just HAD to check out the new diggs for myself...and wow did I feel mighty under dressed. I found myself looking down past my cute skirt at my ratty old shoes and realized that they were going to give me away!! I am not rich but oh would I LOVE to be able to afford the rich bold flavors of the 2.90 Tall coffee.

But seriously...I have better things to buy. OH wait no I don't...just groceries for my family of five on a rookie cops salary.

I did not like the feeling I got standing in line at the store. I did not like feeling inadequate. I did not like the feeling that I needed more in shoes being one of them. After all. I like my life. I love my kids and my husband and love living on the farm. Right?

So...I purchased A Double Shot Espresso and cream in a can for 2.75 and high tailed it out of there, back to my mini van and my reality.

As I drove away I opened the cold can and smelled the sweet Dark Espresso and Cream. My kids asked if they could have some and I shouted NO!!! This in for ME!!! ME!! ME!!! ME!!!!!

I proceeded to slowly enjoy this cold beverage as I drove back to the farm. Somehow all the noise in the background faded away. Suddenly I WAS rich and beautiful. Suddenly I could not care less what my shoes looked like. I WAS THERE.....IN MY MOMENT. IN MY HAPPY PLACE.

Wow!!! that was a lot of Caffeine!!! and Wow!!! if you only knew how fast I'm typing this right now ;)

If that was not the BEST 2.75 I have EVER spent...I don't know what was.

Thank You ST*rB$cks....Thank you for entering my life and helping me to be a happier mommy...and next time I'll just use the drive-Thru like all the other Wannabes ;)


MomOfTheCrazies said...

What? You didn't share your Double Shot Espresso with your kids? I guess you actually wanted them to sleep this week!

I find that a St*rB$cks every once in awhile makes me a much better mommy.

Anonymous said...

Dude, FYI- you can buy those at the grocery store with all the other slobs with bad shoes. It's much better for the soul...

Nancy said...

Awesome! I love it! Can't believe your town has a St*rb^cks!! All the better for some of the stuffy yuppy denizens to feel pleased with themselves.

Can't wait to visit the place -

Glad you treated yourself -