August 03, 2008

7 Things Involving my mother that make me laugh

For some reason I was thinking of my mom today and all the weird and crazy things that define our relationship. They make me laugh. We have been through a lot and have had some funny moments.
Sorry mom....but I just have to share ;)

1) She once glued her fingers together with crazy glue and was talking to the emergency room nurse while soaking her fingers in nail polish remover. My girlfriend and I were laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves.

2) My mom and I love to sing, dance and play music. She plays the piano while we sing...very badly at the top of our lungs every Christmas.

3) When we were both the same size we went to the Gap. We each tried on clothes, throwing them over to each other in the next stall to make sure we both liked them. I think my mom dropped over 500.00 that day. So much fun.

4) We stood in the closet one day comparing parts of a 50 year old and a 30yr old mother of 3.

5) We used to live in a town home without air conditioning. We bought a baby pool to cool off but I refused to be caught dead sitting in one outside. So...we put it in the garage. We would sit in the pool with T.V trays and play cards, leaving the garage door open just enough so we could have fresh air. All was good until the neighbors had to tell us we left the hose running and the 'garage' was leaking.

6) I first dyed my hair in grade 6. My mom told me it would bring out my highlights. SHE turned my hair BRIGHT ORANGE...I had to dye it for YEARS before it all grew out.

7) My mom almost killed me once. I had some sort of lung infection in grade 7. She was giving me my meds every 4 hours. 48 hours later I had not slept, was becoming delusional and shaking like crazy. We went back to the doc, and told us it was supposed to be every 12 hours!!! The only symptom of OD I did not have was coma! thanks mom ;)

There are many many more memories of my mom that make me smile. Most are not so crazy. Some I just can't mention....Wasaga Beach....anyway. love you mommy.


Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy...Sharon, we have plenty of dirt on you... :)

Such is the role of a kid, I guess. I can only imagine the kind of blackmail I might be subject to at the hands of my kids some day...

All I have to say is you Mike live it down one day... I mean, MIGHT live it down.

Carey said...

It sounds like you have a great relationship with your mom, lots of great memories. Have you considered giving your mom a journal to write all these great memories in so that when your children get older they can have her memories? I gave my grandmothers journals, but havent given one to my mom yet, which i want to do. Hope your having a great weekend.

Alyson said...

Baaa!!! haa haaa haaa!!! The Mike/Might part took me a sec.