August 05, 2008


Thanks for the love. Although 13/60 is Marginal, I'll take what I can get ;)

We spent yesterday at my mom's new pool enjoying the fruits of her money.

It is not completed yet, but that won't stop us. See how I'm all decked out in my lifeguard outfit? I know...I'm so practical. Lara is on the other side of the pool (can't see her), becoming a mermaid...Erin is trying to catch a big fish with the noodle (daddy), and Peyton thinks the pool needs more sand in it.

Anyway. We are going to start doing an 'every Sunday Supper at Grandma's house' kind of thing. I like that. I like that she is not working anymore so we can see her more. I like that she wants to see us...I like that we can just pop in here and there for quick visits.. I like that she is getting to know us better...I like that I can count on her to help me...I like that our family is growing and we are getting closer again.

Such a blessing. Now only if my Dad would move to the area and my brother would bring his family here. Can't have it all I suppose, but I certainly will be grateful for what I have...cute green summer dresses included.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are spending time with your mom, when you have your own children, family ties become more important. Looks like a great pool and I agree, cute summer dress!


ValleyGirl said...

At least you're not wearing heels! Sprinting to the other end of the pool should be no problem!

You're so fortunate to have some family close by ~ even more so now that they have a pool!!

Carey said...

I think Sunday dinners are a great thing.
The pool is going to look nice when it is completely finished. Have a great day today!