July 24, 2008

Be the Tree God Made you To Be

Last night the kids went to bed a little later than their bedtime.
I had to wait while Lara finished creating her song.
She has decided she wants to sing in front of the church and is busy writing and creating her own song.

I love her creativity.
I love that I get to witness her art. I love that I get to be her audience.

I love to watch her grow into the person God needs her to be, and I can't wait to see what she ends up doing in life.

This past week (at camp) I realized that it really is HER journey. HER reality. She is going to go through things and experience things that are BEYOND MY CONTROL. Things she needs to go through to become the person God needs her to be. I suppose I already 'knew that'....I guess now I really know it. You know?

What fun. What joy....what TERROR!!!!!!


ValleyGirl said...

It is freeing in a way and yet, yes, terrifying! I think it's awesome that she wants to create and perform her own song!!

Nancy said...

These must be some of the most profound emotions we know of. I guess we mothers are fortunate, for the most part, to be able to experience them. Love to all -