May 23, 2008

Pregnant Babes need to eat Man!

This is what 16 pregnant cows can do to an acre of land in 4 days. It has actually been 6, but they had this munched down days ago. We were hoping to keep them here until they all gave birth, but it looks like we will have to risk their safety (from coyotes) in order to give them some more pasture.

No biggie. They just moved over a little.


Much better.

Look at all the lush grass.

This One is Number 147. She is eating out of my hand already. I have to admit that the cows scare me a little. They are just so big and I'm afraid of getting run over. But....I'm getting used to them as much as they are becoming used to me. We keep trying to come visit every day. I'm also afraid to name her. If these cows are anything like my chickens, the ones I like will succumb to some tragic death.
OH......these are all the we don't plan on eating them. However, if some of these mamas continue to bully the others they certainly will make it into our freezer.

This is Rose. Oh shoot. I named her. Anyway, she is nice too. And curious. I think her and Henry will be friends.

Speaking of Henry...

Here is the little fella enjoying the new pasture.
He does not eat out of my hand yet, but is getting closer every day. Today I let out a low pitch moan and he responded with a cute little cry and came towards me. There is hope for him yet. Apparently they live to be 15-20years old!!! If he is not eating out of my hands at that point I'm doing something seriously wrong.


ValleyGirl said...

Look at how beautiful and green everything is there! Wow, our trees are still just barely turning. It's been a SUPER slow spring here.

The cows are awesome! Are they yours or your FIL's? We keep toying with the idea of getting a cow or two ourselves, but hubby just doesn't have the time to put up fencing. But it would sure cut his mowing time down significantly!!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Love the pictures! No calves yet?

The Kerr Family said...

You make me smile :) Soon we'll be paying admission to come and visit your zoo.

Nancy said...

Awesome blog! Love it love it love it!!! More pics going on my fridge. Congratulate Lara - she has come a long way! I can't wait to have you all over so she can swim here!

Lisa said...

I love that bright green--we don't see that much in Texas ;)

My friends have a farm with black angus cows, pigs, chicks, goats...they don't like to name animals either but still do.

Jessica said...

Lovin' Henry! He takes his post seriously I can tell!

Wow! In our area, we need about an acre PER cow, if we want the pasture to last the season...