May 22, 2008

The older I get the less I know....and that is O.K.

Homeschooling the kids is great and I'm looking forward to the journey and years ahead.
I'm looking forward to learning with them, and helping them discover and explore whatever subjects they are interested in and to any depth they would like.

I am still learning. We all are. I am not the person I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will again learn, grow, and change.

The saying rings true for me. "The older I get, the more I realize there is so much I don't know!"

But I want to learn. My thirst is great to learn and I know I can do anything! I just need to take the time to learn.

Like Cooking, Motherhood, Chickens, Llamas, Photography, Gardens, Homeschooling, Running, Crocheting, and much much more!!!

These are all things I new absolutely nothing about when I turned 25. This is after University, when I was supposed to then be 'ALL Knowing', and 'finished' my 'education'. I thought that after graduating from 19 years of 'Schooling' I would have acquired the tools necessary for my chosen 'vocation' be 'successful' in life.
How wrong I was. How little I was prepared for being a Stay at home wife and mother. How little I was prepared f0r well....everything!

It was only once I came to the realization that I don't know everything, and can't possibly. That not knowing things is O.K. That I began to grow. That I began to learn the skills necessary to becoming a 'successful' human being. And a journey that will never end. Hopefully ;)

What does success in homeschooling look like for me? That my kids learn that 'learning' happens their entire lives...not just in 'school'. That it is o.k not to know everything, but having the tools to discover the answer is the key. Also, that they learn the life skills necessary to be succesful....whatever that means to them.


MomOfTheCrazies said...

Love your post. As you get older you realize just how much you don't know. I love watching my kids learn things and seeing life through their eyes.

Lisa said...

Hi! I found you after searching for other moms that like the movie 'Super Size Me'--I am part time homeschooling mom of four (two older girls and two younger boys). I'm a baby wearin' granola mommy in Texas :)
I am very into healthy eating but I love butter (and bacon!) too!

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, I SO agree! I don't want to teach my kids everything I know ~ because then they will know so little. I'd much rather teach them how and where to find the answers and to simply love learning ~ because that's worth infinitely more.

Jessica said...

So TRUE! I am learning more now as "just" a mom, than I ever learned in college or while I was teaching!

And finding so much more I want to learn! Who has time for "real" job?!