March 28, 2008

More Maple Goodness

I forgot to add the fact that we pay just as much for our syrup as y'all do. This Four litre jug cost ummmm...55$. I know. But you know what you are eating when you buy the cheap stuff? I'll tell you this much.....It isn't maple syrup!!!

I have to admit that I would rather fork out the cash for something 'natural' than consume the factory made fake stuff. After all, I AM all about what is natural and good for me. Of course, maple syrup is still pretty much sugar isn't it? Oh well. I am choosing to ignore that fact.
We just limit ourselves to pancakes every second Saturday.

And the maple candies you see? They are made by heating the Syrup just a little hotter and pouring into molds. Yummm yumm.
Wait a minute. That sign says MAPLE SUGAR, not MAPLE CANDIES. Ah. I get it. You heat the syrup until ALL THAT IS LEFT IS THE SUGAR. O.K. So the candies are the pure sugar. Got it.


MurrayvilleMom said...

I LOVE those candies/sugar maple things! YUMMMY

Carey said...

We had our maple weekend this past weekend, and took the kids yesterday. It was so much fun. I got a half gallon of lite sryup for about $25.00. Cant wait to make pancakes.