March 27, 2008

Maple Syrup Country

100% of the Worlds Yummy Maple Syrup is produced in this region of the world.
90% in the Province of Quebec, 5% right here in Eastern Ontario/New York, and the other 5% in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

We are Soooo blessed to live 5 minutes from the Sugar Bush. To be honest, we have the Maple Trees ourselves, and someday will tap them for fun.

But, for now we are content with the 5 minute Drive.

So Here is Your Maple Syrup and Taffy Tutorial :)

This is The Tap Bucket. Quite Simple. It collects the Sap. The Sap runs when the temperatures are -5C at night and 5C during the day. Any colder and it does not flow. Any warmer and the sap goes up to produce leaves.

These are the plastic tubes that collect the sap and bring them to the main house. Much easier than carrying the buckets.

This is how they boiled the sap to make the syrup back in the day. You see, you need to boil off the water to get the syrup.

This is how they do it these days.

Taffy, is boiled Syrup. You heat it to over 200F.

Then you pour it on snow,put a stick on it and count to 10.

Then you Roll it around to pick up the Taffy.

Then you eat it. Oh, and then you eat it. yum yum yum yum

You can let it just melt.....oh and it melts soooo good.

Here is a close up.

Any Questions??


Erin said...

you're taunting me you know that!? my dad has decided to forgo his business for a couple of year until he can find some good help. hmmmmm....

ValleyGirl said...

Well, as much as that last picture looks like you're chomping into some Veet leg wax, I'm still envious!!

When I was 14, I went to Quebec for a week in an exchange program and we spent an evening at a maple syrup farm. YUM! My favourite is the maple sugar candies!

MurrayvilleMom said...

The kids had the 'Maple Man' come to school and the whole school got to taste the same thing! I wish I could try some of that!

Nice to have that right in town! Very cool! I am going to show the big kids your blog today! They will like that!

PS You have the whitest teeth! Beautiful!!!

Stacey said...

I had no idea you were Canadian! That taffy looks sooo good.

Marie said...

I have a question...
Can I have some?

Just kidding, my husband's uncle taps trees, and we actually end up with a jar or two each year. I often wondered whose idea it first was to boil the sap down, whoever they were I think they may have been one of the greatest people to walk the earth!