February 08, 2008

It's a Tragedy I know, but we will get through

Five minutes ago my husband walked into the living room and caught me doing the most wonderful and yet repulsive thing....

I was shoving the unpopped popcorn kernels that were DRENCHED in extra butter and salt into my mouth and sucking away...then spitting the seeds into the opposite side of the bowl from where the next batch of unpopped kernels were waiting to be devoured by me.
He gave me one of Those looks. You know the ones...the same ones he gives you when you are caught bleaching your mustache. Those moments when he must try really hard to remember how beautiful and wonderful you are.

Actually I think he was still shaking his head at the fact that 10minutes earlier I slapped his hand away from my bowl.

Ahem...don't come between a woman and her popcorn...I mean Butter.

Yup....that is love.

So anyway, want to know a REALLY COOL FACT???

My FIL who is a Dairy Farmer by the way,just told me now (because if he told me when it happened I would have curled up into a ball for days sobbing) that CANADA...yes the ENTIRE COUNTRY

get this.....

over the Christmas Holidays.....


Yes I'm serious.

For some reason my dear Country let the stockpile run too low. So...a lot of the butter we ate over the holiday season came from New Zealand.

How funny....sorry.....how HORRIFIC that OUR Government, who is supposed to look after OUR...MY best interests let something like this happen.

Shame Shame....

Anyway, I think I'm going to go pop another bag of popcorn and melt another bowl of butter just to spite them.


Texas Daddy said...

Instead of eating butter, just rub it on you hips and butt. You'll get the same effect.


ValleyGirl said...

Haha, better stock up, just in case it happens again next Christmas!!!!

Katy said...

Hi alyson! :)

Sure...i have the site..here is the address for you:


Best of luck with it! :)

Nen said...

oh my goodness... you are too funny! (i love the butter too) you gave me a laugh! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am SO with u.

Nancy said...

Great blog! Thank goodness we stockpile butter in our freezer!

Nancy said...

Great blog! Thank goodness we stockpile butter in our freezer!