February 11, 2008

And then there were 8


I went in this morning to check on my chickens, and found the prettiest one laying there frozen. Poor thing. Anything could have killed her really, but the -18C/0F weather could have done it.

Their water was frozen as well...solid. Poor gals.

It had to be the prettiest one too. She was the only one with a really nice comb and grand feathers. I bet it was a conspiracy. All the other hens were jealous of her beauty and so refused to include her in the huddle.

Girls are so mean.

You laugh, but Chickens have hillarious personalities. There is a definite pecking order and they show off and fight. Can't blame them. That is a lot of gals in one small space.

Seriously girls...when will we stop being each others worst enemies?

Anyway, she is being cremated in the outdoor furnace as we speak.

Rest in peace my Princess. SmileyCentral.com

And now there are 8 ;(


Anonymous said...

Lesson on farming.
NEVER name your animals.
Some day you may have to eat them.


ValleyGirl said...

Oh no! This month has just been brutal, weather-wise, hasn't it? We've had WAY too many days in a row with temps hovering in the -30's. I'm surprised we still have all our cats, quite honestly. Although with all four of them cuddling up with the dog in the straw-filled doghouse, I'm guessing they stay pretty warm. Sorry to hear about your chickie. We haven't heard much about them lately. Do they still lay in this kind of weather?

buhtafly said...

oh how sad! I would be begging my husband to let me bring them in the house- haha Maybe thats why I am not allowed to have chickens... :) I hope it warms up so they dont freeze, or they huddle better!

MomOfTheCrazies said...

Too bad about your chicken! I think you should move them all into your spare room. The kids would love it!