August 19, 2007

Re Reading a Favorite Classic

I needed to read something. It has been too long. I'm not crocheting or doing a bible study at the moment and I really don't like TV....Other than my Young and the Restless of course :)
Anyway I was parusing through my limited books and saw my favorite book of ALL TIME...oh wait...Anne Or Green Gables comes pretty close. Hmmmmm
O.K my favorite book of all time....(Anne being MY FAVORITE BOOK SERIES)

Jane Eyre!!!!

Ah yes Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
I read it a couple of years ago. I remember finishing the last page, closing the book and actually saying out loud....Now that was an awesome book!

O.K so I don't have the best memory, and I think I remember the story line...but to be honest I mostly recall the feeling it gave me. So.....I decided to pick it up and read it again.

Maybe that is a bonus of having a memory like a seive....I get to read the same story over again and it will be like I'm reading it for the first time :)

So far it is proving to be just like I expected....and more.

Maybe this time I'll be able to remember it after the second time ;)


Nancy said...

Nice. I'm currently reading The Judgment of Paris and Eat Pray Love, but I think I'll read Jane Eyre soon.

Allyson said...

This has been for me a summer of re-reading old books. All three of Robertson Davies' trilogies, and now Bucking the Sun by Ivan Doig, the sad thing is, or should I rephrase, the neat thing is, it's like reading them for the first time. I've been enjoying myself immensely. This much I know, that's why I kept them on my bookshelf.