August 21, 2007

Give us this day Our Daily Bread

My Big girl Lara (5yrs) Just lost her two top teeth, and my baby girl Erin who is almost 3yrs gave up her precious soother last night. (BIG SIGH)
They are growing up..... (Another sigh.....)

I am looking into dance classes for the girls for the fall. They are both in love with 'ballet' and classical music and seem to be interested.

I really don't want to waste my money on the little one since she can just dance around the house and have fun. Even for Lara it will cost us 195.00 for Sept-Dec. That seems like alot of money that we don't have. I suppose it would not be so bad if we don't have to buy her a new suit and I know she will love the classes.

As for the little one, I just hate the fact that she has to watch her sister all the time. I suppose to be fair, Lara was not put into anything until she was four either.

We don't want to be overly involved in anything this fall, but do need to have some activities since we are homeschoolers and I'll be without my hubby. I think one day a week of dance will be a good thing...or should I just sign them up at the YMCA for more swimming lessons?

Once a week we will be heading to the nearest city for ladies coffee hour at my old church. That will give me a needed break and time with my friends and a good bible study. Lara and Erin will get to see their old friends. That is free....except for the gas to take us there.

hrmph....these are the days I wish we had more funds. I don't like activities to take such a large chunk of our budget. We will just have to make priorities as we always do. Besides...the Lord always seems to provide us with just what we need when we need it :)

Wait a minute...what am I complaining about? I am trying to live simply and naturally and raise kids that are not overextended and into everything and appreciate I should be grateful for our lack of funds....It DOES prevent me from doing TOO MUCH and doing stuff that is not necessary for the growth of their little souls.....
o.k I give...

Thank you Lord for Giving us just what we need...for Daily Bread


Mom said...

Mom says:

I think you should let Lara do her dance lessons and perhaps put the two girls in swim lessons. Lara is old enough now to be able to have something special. Erin's turn will come.

Anonymous said...

Mom says:

I think you should let Lara have her dance class and put both girls in swimming.