August 05, 2007

Fever! in the morning...Fever all through the night.

My fever finally broke last night. I woke up at 3am and the bed was soaked!!! clothes, pillow, sheets and all. Now that is a fever! I feel better this morning. Still tired so I'm taking it easy for a couple of days.

For fun here are 10 more things about me:1) I won a six foot stuffed polar bear in a coca-Cola contest. It was so big it took two people to carry and I literaly had to STUFF it in the back seat of my car!!! I gave it to the Children's hospital.

2) I bite my nails. I went all last year not biting them and they looked great. I am trying to quite again. Terrible I know :)

3) I can't stand Raisins....really, I CAN'T STAND RAISINS!!!!

4) I once sat on a soccer field in the pouring rain for an hour watching the most amazing lightning flash horizontaly across the sky. It was beautiful.

5) I have played the piano, saxaphone and clarinet. Braces got in the way of the latter two.

6) When I was 8 I travelled to California with my family and slept on the streets in a sleeping bag along with thousands of other people New Years Eve for the annual Rose Bowl parade. The porta potties were overflowing so we paid a dollar to use the toilet in a theatre.

7) When I was little it was my dream to be an international Spy :)

8) I crashed my mothers car when I was 14 driving it INTO the garage.

9) When we were in high school my brother and I got into a fight and he threw everything in my room out of the window.

10) I have a doll. She is a 'wrinkle dog'. Her name is Alice. She has been with me since I was 7. She knows all my secrets :) She came with me to University and when I would put her in the washing machine I would cry. My husband told me when we got married that it was either her or him...I think I made the right choice :)


ValleyGirl said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Nothing is worse for a mom of little kids than being sick, I don't think.

Carey said...

I hope your feeling much better when you wake up in the morning. Its no fun to be sick. Those are great facts about you, thanks for sharing them.

Nancy said...

It's so great when the fever finally goes away and you feel better. Specially when you're a mom. But rest up though. You'll need to get your strength back.

Cathy said...

Yay! I am glad for you Alyson. And, you are such an interesting woman!