July 09, 2007

Ways to get my kids to eat foods they 'think' they don't like :)

1) Pancakes get protein powder mixed in. A great way to keep the sugar rush down.

2) Smoothies. Key ingredients are Chocolate Soy milk, Strawberries, bananas, Vanilla Yogurt. with those I can add Green's Plus powder, essential oils, and Wheat grass. They will never know what hit them ;)

3) Spagetti Sauce....The key word is PUREE !!!! ingredients (spinach, Red kidney beans,Avocado) Yes I said Avocado. It makes sauces and shakes creamy without a yucky flavor. This holds true for meatloaf as well. Can't complain about what you can't find!!!

4) Macaronni and ''cheese''. Boil and mash a sweet potatoe. Puree with milk or silken Tofu. Very yummy.

5) Cheese and Bacon. Really. Anything taskes great with home made cheese sauce or bacon. Or, just melt whatever you are giving them in cheese so they can't seperate the cheese from the item in question. Some of it has to get into them no? These are usually the last resort but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

What do you do?? comm'on..we all do it. It is our job as parents to be deceptive when it comes to nurishing our children. Hmmmm is that biblical? probably not but at least it is done in love :) Besides...I could use a few more pointers


Anonymous said...

You've given me some good ideas I'm going to have to try! I've "snuck" zucchini into food (especially spaghetti sauce) and no one seems to notice. My next attempt will be making a soup with sweet potato and chopping it small enough that everyone will assume it's carrots. I'll let you know how that one goes!


PS I don't think it's being deceptive. Mothers for generations and generations have come to realize it's necessity!

Nancy said...

Oh yes! Pureed veggies in the spaghetti sauce! Otherwise Kirk would have gotten beri-beri or something. My only other "trick" was to arrange things like variously coloured fruit chunks, attractively on a plate. But this is picky and takes time. Smoothies are better. Quick recipe for a refreshing smoothie that we all loved: blend lots of watermelon chunks (at least 2-3 cups) with about 1 to 1 1/2 cups orange juice. When we were all hot and tired, it tasted so good.

Toast to disguising good-for-'em foods! It's all about doing what you have to do!!

Kirsten said...

We make "hidden vegetable (fill in the blank)" all the time. I grate carrots and chop spinach and put them right into a grilled cheese, I chop veggies in the food processor (raw) and push them into ground chicken for meatloaf, meatballs or burgers, Um....I make quesadillas all the time, Fritatas... Stew- the kid loves stew. Doesn't matter what's in it. And obviously the spaghetti sauce deal too. THat's always a bonus.

Anonymous said...

You'd be surprised at the crap I used to feed you and your brother.