July 10, 2007

Reason number 625 to live in the country......

I needed to go for my run tonight. The 40C heat was stopping me and I was not looking forward to it. Just as I left the door the sun went behind some haze and the breeze picked up. I ran along a quiet country road full of blossoming flowers and old farmers sitting on the porch (really). There were no big dogs or monster bugs that chased me and I just ran.....and it felt good. I was breathing the fresh air (not the pesticides) as my lungs opened up. It was a great run but that was not the best part. I can still have good runs in the subburbs. It was the end of my run that was the most satifying.

I ran to my backyard to stretch and realized that I was all alone with an amazing breeze and sunset. I closed my eyes and held a pose just allowing the fresh breeze to tickle me. Of course on my MP3 player was a little Third Day with an amazing worship song. It was just what I needed. God knows what I need. He knew I needed that tonight and gave me a fresh breeze and a break from the heat to feel his presence. The country side is so beautiful. So simple and easy. Ending a great run with trees and tall grass was amazing.

I have to admit that it was also nice to dance a little from the adrenaline rush and know that my neighbors could not see me :)
o.k that what the best part :)

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Nancy said...

Oh yes! It's all about the peace and beauty of the country after a good long run. And bonus sunset.