July 11, 2007

o.k you can stop laughing now

This would be what we see in the morning when we open the front door. Yes that it right. That would be one,two,three, four kittens and two adult cats. The third cat is around the corner. Yup. That is what we get for feeding one....and then two. They multiplied.
The truth is that we fed one, and she decided it was safe enough on our porch to bring her kittens, and her friends followed.
It is getting a little ridiculous though. THEY DO NOT LEAVE THE DECK!!! The kids are loving it. So much for WILD kitties of the country...tee hee. My kids maul the little furballs.

I think we are starting to be known as the crazy cat people around here....Or the stupid City people who keep feeding the cats. Whichever :)

Sara stop laughing at me :)
Have a great day.


Christy said...

My kids would be ecstatic to wake up to kitties every day! And I think I'd even like it, too, as long as I didn't have to change any litter boxes :)

Carey said...

Oh my. But they sure are really cute!

Dad said...

Don"t feed them too much or they won"t hunt.
Last year we had 22 of them. Right now I have six adults and five kittens.
Don"t have a mouse or gopher problem. One of the mom cats brought home a duck the other day.
Little guy is starting to look a bit like Lara with daddy's hair.

Luv ya

Nancy said...

Cute. . . and I'll confess, I laughed. I was trying to remember what our kitty-cat record was when I was a kid at the stone house - prob'ly something around the number that you have.

I used to go hunt for litters of new kittens in the barn. Then I'd bring one or 2 up to the house, inside my shirt, to show my mom.

The Kerr Family said...

Oh Alyson ... LOL ... be careful or your precious tea room will soon be turned into a kitty city ;)