July 12, 2007

Gotta Love a Rainbow

This picture does not do these rainbows justice at all. Just as I ran outside to take the picture, the sun went behind a cloud and masked the beauty of this wonder. Even so, this rainbow looked WAY brighter and Nicer to my naked eye. I need a new camera....a REALLY GOOD ONE that captures what my eye sees. (Hint Hint for a 30th birthday present. When She first came out she was so bright and distinct. She looked like she was touching the backyard of that house. So beautiful. So perfect and amazing.

Incredible how we humans are so fascinated by light. Stars,sunsets,firecrackers,bonfires, rainbows. So simple and yet so incredible.

Have a great weekend.


Carey said...

I love rainbows too. Its a very pretty picture.

YoungMommy said...

I see two beautiful rainbows in the picture. Aww, to be reminded that God keeps His promises... Love it!

Nancy said...

Beautiful pics. I like the one of the sun behind the trees. You've really captured that marvellous summer light. Thank you.