July 22, 2007

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Hello Hello. I'm back in blogging land. I've had a great week off. Thanks for asking. I have a winner for my book contest. It is

Thank you so much to all of you who left comments and told me about your favorite books. I received some great ideas for new books to check out at the library or purchase at Amazon.ca.

So...did you miss me? what have I been up to? well thanks for asking.

I needed a break from my own creative thoughts. I needed to think a little more introspectively and did not really want to share. I just needed a break. No offence to anyone.

I took the time to pray and reflect... My eyes were open and my ears were listening and the Lord gave me all the answers I needed. Some were in conversations with friends, some were in books I read or a sermon I heard. I was surfing a little and found some incredible sites that touched me so deeply. I think it is amazing how you can be struggling in one area and praying about it, and if you are open to the answer how it all of a sudden 'pops' up everywhere!! God is amazing.

I love how the Lord directs me to just what I need. At the same time that I was reflecting on certain things I would read it so eloquently put on someone else's blog. So many times I wanted to just copy what was said and give them a YOU GO SISTA..but mostly I was just grateful for getting the answers I needed. (I received answers in other places as well, but I'll focus on blogs for a moment)

I am so grateful for all the women out there in blogger land. It is so nice to share thoughts and encouragement from people all over the globe that can relate to my exact position in life and to gain a little encouragement and shed a tiny tear in the privacy of my living room.

This week I was reminded that I don't have to TRY to be the best blogger out there. I don't need to be elegant with my words or creative. I just need to be myself because there is someone out there that may need to read what I have to write. I may make someones day or help them put into perspective what they could not put into words themselves.

If I can accomplish that then this blog is worthwhile, and so is the effort I put into making sure I keep y'all updated on our lives.

Kind of makes the ordinary seem extrordinary...does that make sense?

I know half the people I read probably don't realize what a wonderul little moment they are in my day. I drink my tea in the morning and drink in a little part of their day. So nice. Sounds a little psycho doesn't it??? O.K I'm going to stop TRYING to put into words what I am thinking because as always I'm not doing a great job and I'm looking crazier and crazier aren't I ?

So I'll stop here and just say thanks.


Anonymous said...

we love you regardless of how normal or crazy your blog may sound. glad you took a week off to yourself.
much love
ps. expect a call from me soon :)

Carey said...

Welcome back! Im glad to hear your feeling refreshed, God is amazing, and its nice when he gives you the answers you are looking for. I enjoy reading your blog.

Nancy said...

I enjoy reading your blog each day. Yesterday's was well put, as usual. I could totally identify with it. Not psycho, not crazy! So thank you.

Anonymous said...

I missed you last week, but I'm glad you were able to have some time for introspection. How are things going with Adam back at work?


Cathy said...

Welcome back Alyson! You have been missed. I too have been searching for the past week. I have gone rather introspective (is that a word?!) I need time to gather up strength for all that is ahead of me.

aBookworm said...

Oh, thanks so much Alyson for choosing me a lucky winner. You're the Best and your faith in God is truly inspiring!

Candace & Anna said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. That was a true and touching post. We all have to take time occasionally to analyze our thoughts and life! I will come back to see you.