July 16, 2007


Reading is a VERY important part of our day around here. We read during the day, at naptime and before bed. My kids would rather read a good picture book than watch cartoons and I am more than happy to help them out. I love QUALITY books. Books that nurture the mind and soul. Not only is reading together good for my kids intellectual development, but it is great for their souls. We cuddle and get cozy and it is a great time for imagination and wonder. We can have a hard day and all is well when we are snuzzled up to a good book at the end of the day.

I am going to refrain from Blogging for an entire week so I thought I would do my own contest while I am gone.This is also a great way to DE-LURK!!!(Lurking is when you visit a site and don't comment)I know there are over 40 of you who check out my blog on a daily basis. So...please leave me a comment to let me know you were here and tell me your favorite book.

If you are not a blogger, just leave me your name so I can post it when you win!!! you don't have to give me your e-mail or anything.
I will do a random draw on Monday July 23rd and the prize is a children's book of my choice !!!!

If you are a blogger, Sign the Mr. Linky and mention my contest on your blog (I will check)...and make sure you tell me your favorite children's book.

I would like to know what your Favorite children's book is.
It can be one you remember as a child, one you read to your children or grandchildren, or a current favorite you are reading now.

I could list so many good books. These are some favorites that we are reading right now...

1)The little Engine that Could by Watty Piper

2)OH The Places You'll Go!! by Dr. Seuss

3) Honey Bunny Funny Bunny by Marilyn Sadler

4) Good Night Good Knight

5) The Kiss that Missed by David Melling

6) The Oak inside the Acorn by Max Lucado

7) The Magical Ballet Slippers by Nick Ellsworth

8) Has Anybody Seen My Umbrella? by Max Ferguson

9) The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

10) Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Good luck in the contest and don't forget to sign the Mr. Linky!!!


Anonymous said...

We have to pick ONE favorite? I have waaaay more than one fave, but i'll keep it to just a few:
It Could Have Been Worse by A.H. Benjamin
The very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
M is for Maple by Melanie Rose and Mike Ulmer
ANYTHING by Robert Munsch
If you want the complete list, e-mail me, you can also e-mail me to tell me I won, but because I am very e-paranoid, if I do win, ask my baby sis (Alana) for my e-mail so I don't have to post it here!

Christine said...

My all-time favorite is Dr Seuss... Hop on Pop was a hit in my house growing up, but our favorite around here is Green Eggs and Ham!

I'm all linked up to this contest at From Dates to Diapers!

aBookworm said...

Oh, count me in. My list is up on my blog. Check it out. Thanks for this great contest! Best wishes.

Kylinsmom said...

I love any books by Remy Charlip!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Allyson said...

Hi Alyson,
One of my favourites to read to the Grands is: Yoko by Rosemary Wells. It's about a little a little kitty who goes to school with her favourite food, Sushi while all of her school mates ate "regular" food. A delightful read.

And then one of Cameron's favourites when he used to sleepover at our house on Daycare Days, from the 20th Century Children's Book Treasury (a wonderful, wonderful collection for toddlers to the over fives), Goodnight Gorilla, by Peggy Rathmann.

Enjoy your week off!

lace said...

I am all linked to the contest.

I could not pick just one book. I have so many I remember as a child and ones I read now to my nieces. I love children's books.

Karen@FamilyBriefs said...

I recently posted a book review, so I'm going to go back, update that to promote the contest and include a link.

I've started doing a book review on my site every Friday, so I hope you'll stop by and see some of my other favs and WHY I like them so much:)

I have LOTS of favorite children's books, so it's hard to pick one. I think my all-time favorite keeps coming back to Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson.

Right now, my 2-year-old is "stuck" on My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza. It's one of my favorites too (although I liked it more a week ago before I'd read it twice a day for 10 days running :)

Anonymous said...

What a great contest! The girls love books and would read until midnight if we let them. Here are some of the all-time favourites from when they were babies until now (in no particular order).

Jillian Jiggs - Phoebe Gillman
All books by Sandra Boynton
Silly Sally - Audrey Wood
You Are Special - Max Lucado
Curious George - HA & Margret Rey
Love You Forever - Robert Munsch
Fox In Socks - Dr Seuss
Goodnight Moon - Margaret Brown

I'm going to write down the books people have recommended and head off to the library! Thanks for the ideas.


PS Enjoy your family time this week!

Anonymous said...

i guess my favorite would have to be..."Guess How Much I Love You" (author i would have to go and check)and "Je T'aimerais Toujour" by Robert Munsch.

there ya go
love erin.

Alexia said...

I think my all-time favorite children's book was and still is the Berenstain Bears' series....I loved all the things that that bear cubs did!

Miss Reader said...

When I was growing up I loved the Curious George books.

Lara said...

My little guy is till pretty young so our favourites are Sandra Boyntons. My husband and I can recite a bunch of them by memory if we need to :)
Moo Baa la la la has to be our most favouritest ;)

Qtpies7 said...

I'm all linked up to you!
I know it's probably lame, but I love Green Eggs and Ham! I have a son named Sam, and I love reading it to him, though he doesn't like the part about not liking Sam-I-am.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL That'll teach me to blog at 1:30 am! I was thinking it ended this coming Monday!

Anonymous said...

I love the book "I'll Love You Forever"...it is wonderful I love it

pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com