May 01, 2007

Universal Sisterhood

May 2nd.....May 2nd.... Seems as though there are several birthdays this day, and I'm starting the first very early signs of being ready. Popping, acheing and other things that I won't mention. If you have had babies you know....I just won't talk about it to spare my male readers :)

Had a wonderful day yesterday. The sun was shining, I got sooo much accomplished and the girls were great. I took them to our favorite park a couple of kms away. When I got there I just sat down on a bench (hmm I wonder why )....The other moms asked me when I was due and when I said Today! it sparked a some great conversation.

Not only do I now spread joy when people see me waddle down the street, but people are now shocked in awe on how...and WHY I walked 2kms to the park!!!

It sure beats staying at home and sulking...and the girls just run around while I sit there anyway. Besides...if I was at home I probably would start mowing the lawn and end up hurting myself to induce labor.

After a 20min conversation on what we would do if I went into labor right there and then... I have no doubt I would be in good hands with any mother at the park.

Funny how a situation like me giving birth in a park ignites a sisterhood in all of us...a primal desire to help out and rescue a fellow mother to be. I have no doubt someone would run for towels and a would crowd and privacy control...another would stay by my ear and console me in a soothing voice...the other will take all the children and coral them in her home :) It is a sisterhood that is universal I'm sure. Just like the nodding that follows when you explain that the squeeze bottle is your best friend after delivery. If you have never given birth don't ask....if you have just nod and smile :)

Wait a minute I HAVE to give birth? no really....anyone want to step up and take over for me? Now that I think about it I'm quite content to sit by in a park and ignite conversation wherever I go.

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The Kerr Family said...

I'd step in for you in a heartbeat, honey, but I know you'll do great and have a wonderful story to share with us once Peyton (finally) arrives.