May 22, 2007


Last night was the first time in my mothering career that I looked at a basket full of laundry, a floor in desperate need of sweeping, and a living room with misc toys spread strategically all over the place and said....y'a right. Not tonight...I'm going to cuddle with my kids,read them a story and go to bed.


Normally being the type A personality I am, and a lover of all things neat and tidy (just don't look inside my cupboards or drawers), I get great satisfaction out of finishing up the days chores when my kids are all tucked in for the night.
Last night was a different story.
First off I almost fell asleep on the couch cuddling with yes...all three babies. It was 630pm.
Then as we headed upstairs and I laid down to read them a story it took all I had left in me to get out of bed and send Erin to her bed.

Before story time Peyton fell asleep and I laid him down in our room. Now I could have gone downstairs to finish up chores, break my back a little more and get just that much more tired....however I decided to snuzzle up to him and go to bed.

Oh how did I know what a wise decision that would be??
8pm I was in dream land. ahhhhhhhhh


That was a great decision because I was up every two hours feeding that little guy.
Have I mentioned that he surpassed his birth weight four days after he was born??? Must be the boy in him. He is going to be huge!!

Anyway, he decided that 4am was a great time to get up and grunt for a couple of hours. I finally got him to sleep at 6am and took a snooze for myself on the couch.

7am.... ''mom!!!!!! I'm awake!.....I'm awaaaake!!!'' I said....I'm awaaaaaaaaake!!!

Yes Erin I'm coming.


So the conclusion to this little diatribe??

Three is a little busier than two. Now that I have two monkeys running around making messes and a little boy who is attached to me (thank God for slings)...I just don't have enough hours in the day to pick up my house like I used to. I've surrendered to having a clean yet 'lived' in home. Oh well. Who cares really. I don't. Honestly....I really don't.

Besides...he won't need to be held 24/7 forever so I'm determined to enjoy it.

Oh....and my fabulous husband comes home from painting the other house on Wednesday night...and again...


This is my kudos to all my blogging mom's who have more children than I do! I'm learning so much from you.

THANK GOD FOR YOUR BLOGS...and THANK GOD FOR YOU! You inspire me on a daily basis and remind me how 'simple' my life is with only 3 :)


Irma said...

to make you feel more energetic...we have been blessed with 8 kids...the oldest is 10 and the youngest is 4 months. I also am a neat freak...but sometimes you just have to let go, so some sanity remains! (-: It's a delicate balance...Continue to enjoy your family!

Anonymous said...

Very well said Alyson!
Alana, are you reading this? Hmm?