May 19, 2007

Stopping to smell the what??

I went for a walk around the block yesterday to stop and smell the.....Pesticides??

I figured it would be a great idea to take a walk with Peyton to look at all the spring flowers, get a little sun on his jaundice little face, and inhale some nice crispy air.

The flowers were beautiful, and the sun perfect for his little face, but the nice clean crispy air was a little....tainted with the aroma of freshly sprayed pesticides.

All I could think about was why???

So what if there are dandelions all over the what if the lawn is not a perfect blanket of grass. SO WHAT!!! Franctly I it is the opinion of both myself and my lovely four year old that dandelions are in fact really pretty. Who started that rumor anyway? That dandelions are a weed that needs to be conquered?? They are pretty !!!They add so much spice to a spring day....kind of like little dots of sunshine all over the lawn.

I mean is not like I am going to be rolling around, rubbing my cheek on the perfectly fluffy grass saying oh wow this lawn is perfect and so must be this neighbor.

Besides....God sprinkled them there for a says my four year old. I think He put them there to amuse her for hours as she picks me bouquet after bouquet. So what if they are a little smelly. They smell MUCH better than the pesticides....and allow you to breathe just a little better when walking around the block.

Just a thought....