May 11, 2007


I spent the day yesterday at the hospital for my ultrasound and to have a consult with the resident on induction. I was there for HOURS but she kept getting called in to surgery so I just left. They told me to call this morning to find out if they will be able to induce me this morning, this afternoon, or on Monday. Today I am on the induction list but I'm not a priority as I am not 'sick'. Monday however I will be number one as I will be officially 14 days over due and this baby will need to make an entrance.

I have to sheepishly admit that yesterday was the FIRST day that I actually became very VERY grumpy. I was just fed up with all the waiting and started freaking out that we take possession of our house on Tuesday. My mind can't take preparing myself to go into labor every night and waking up with....a belly.
I got some good rest last night however and feel more scared today than anything. As much as I'm ready to see my little butter ball, I am sooooo scared to be induced. I don't like things 'unatural' and I don't want to mess up with God's plan for this baby just because I think it would be better if he were born today.
The other part of me is wondering WHY HE IS NOT HERE YET!!!!! and that makes me nervous as well. I keep praying that he is fine and dandy in there and try not to let my mind wander.....Seriously Peyton...come out on your own!!!

O.K I am not going to write about it anymore because I'm too nervous. I have to make the phone call to the hospital in 20 minutes so I'll try to think of something else to write about.

......nope...can't think of anything else. I'll update later and surf the net for a bit while I drink my morning tea.


Elizabeth said...

May God's peace surround you and lots of elves help you pack and unpack in your new home!

The Kerr Family said...

If you are induced then that is God's plan for you and Peyton ... trust in Him and remember, the goal is a healthy baby and healthy mommy. You'll be on my mind and heart today.


Dad said...

He is probably staying in there where the food is good.
He knows about your cooking skills.


Cathy said...


Wow. Well the good news it that you are going to have a baby, and maybe he will come out on the weekend or hours before your induction! Babies do that lol.

Hang in there, all will be well. You are doing a great job. If I lived closer I would help you unpack...take care. I do hope that if you get induced on Monday, that by the time you get out of the hospital all will be taken care of! Gather up your friends and family and get them to unpack the important stuff at least. The rest can wait. Do a bit a time...

I will be thinking of you and your delivery. Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby and Healthy Family!!



PS: Your Dad is funny!

Alyson said...

Thanks for the dad thinks he is sooooo funny!!!

Allyson said...

Alyson, I love your name, mine is Allyson, I'm Cathy's mom.

Thinking of you today and all that you are carrying around, literally and figuratively. Your little one knows you have so much on your plate, that to arrive too soon would cause you chaos. So I agree with Cathy, get your friends to unpack your linens, and bathroom, and most importantly, organize your kitchen-even if you need to reorganize at another time. The kitchen first, and oh ya, make sure the hoses to the washer are new so they don't burst, and the dryer vent "tubing" is clean and clear-because you are going to need those machines post-haste!

Your little one, and holding (him/her) in your arms is the most important. All 3 of our daughter's were induced even when the water burst. Wishing you well, an as you wait expectantly, peace. You are in for the most wonderful ride of your lifetime. Blessings to you and the entire family.