May 10, 2007

They were very very Bad

Yesterday the girls were playing concert with ALL their stuffed animals. They looked dashing as they were all dressed up in t-shirts and jewlery. ( The dolls that is). I guess the dolls starting talking or fighting, or something during the concert because one by one Erin put them on the stairs to think about their behavior. Some returned after they said they were sorry; others took a little longer as they would not admit they were wrong. Poor elephant and bear....they spent the night on the stairs and when asked if they could get off Erin told them they had to stay there forever. Gee...I wonder what they did!

I had a VERY SWEATY sleep last night and am very grateful that I won't still be pregnant when the really humid weather comes. I remember just spending my days laying in the baby pool when I was pregnant with Erin. Of course being as overdue as I am and as large, this humidity feels aweful!!! Soon....soon this will all be over. right?

Today is ultrasound day....again. Lara will be finishing her school for the year today and I think I will go grocery shopping and change all the linen. Yup that is it for me. I know you are really glad you stopped by to read this exciting entry.

I'm hoping in a few days there really WILL be excitement as I announce the Birth of our Third Child and we move to the FARM!!!!

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Cathy said...


Hang in there! You are doing an amazing job! He will be here soon!