May 07, 2007

Monday morning reflection

One week over due today. I thought I was going to go into labor last night but once again....nothing productive is happening. Oh well. One more week to go before induction and we take possession of our home. The Lord's timing is perfect. I will be very prepared for the move that is for sure. I managed to pack some kitchen stuff yesterday and I'm clearing out alot of stuff I don't want to take with us.
This week we will pick out more paint colors.

Wonderful Sermon in church yesterday. Our Pastor really speaks to the heart and gives you something to think about every week. I will miss him very much but I'm sure we will find another pastor just as dynamic wherever we go.

Yesterday he spoke of finding peace and what that means. He explained that peace is not the absence of trouble, but peace in your heart during a storm. He explained how confessing our sins to the Lord releases within us an inner turmoil and guilt that only Jesus can rid from your heart.

For me that has been very true. Accepting Christ as savior and Lord in my life has allowed me to have everything I need for inner joy. I have been able to let go of guilt of my past, and worry for the future. I can rest knowing that no matter what comes my way He is there. He is there guiding my life. Interestingly I also gained an acceptance of myself that I never had before. A 'peace' about the person I am. I don't try to be perfect or try to live up to the expectations of this world. Instead I have been able to accept the person God made me to be and be o.k with my faults. Now that does not mean I have stopped trying to please HIM. That is just focus is off myself and the world and my focus is trying to become and live my life the way God created me to live it.

My best friend told me in University once....That your life is a gift from God and what you do with it is your Gift back to Him. God created us all unique for a purpose and He wants us to find that purpose. I'm not sure of mine quite yet, and maybe I'll never know what my purpose on this earth is. All I know is that whatever happens I want to live it with Him in my heart and in my life.

In His Grip,

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YoungMommy said...

I am so glad you got your package and that you enjoy the bag! I'm sorry that it took so long... :(

If I could guess, I would say that your purpose here on earth would be to glorify God in the way that you honor your husband, and teach, train and raise up your children for Him!

Most people tend to put a lot of emphasis on what one is doing in the world, without looking at a mother's job as purposeful. I'm not at all insinuating that you do that, but I know I have fallen victim more than once to believing the lies that what I do is not good enough.

I know that my purpose here on earth is to glorify God, plain and simple!